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I’m Coming Out!

I’m Coming Out!

Things That You Need and Have to Consider for your Beautiful Baby

Life will give you many obstacles, problems and questions, sometimes, it’s going to be too much to bear, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge about it, but on the other side, it will give you experiences that are so beautiful, it will turn you into a better person. Out of all the negativity and setbacks, there will always be a possibility for a better outcome. Like Pandora’s box, the last shimmering drops of hope gave the world a shot at redemption and fulfillment. And one of these experiences is becoming a parent.

Parenting, though beautiful in nature, is not easy. You need to be focused and ready for anything that might happen. No amount of money or knowledge can amount to the stress it will give you, but at least you can prepare for the worst and for the musts. And the best time to do it is while your partner or you are still pregnant. I for one would not want my baby to be born in this world without the things he or she needs. I want him or her to be secured, healthy, and comfortable as possible. As a parent of two wonderful children, I would like to share my insights of the things that you need to get for your newborn or future babies, and if you are still planning on making one, this will definitely help you be more prepared.


  1. Cribs

Cribs are definitely a first. Your baby will be sleeping, playing, and observing from this equipment. For the first two years of his or her life. You need to check out the material it is made of first, because when your baby begins to grow, he or she might bite into the railings or materials when curiosity and teething comes about, and the crib that you must choose must be baby proof or made out of baby safe materials, specifically lead-free paint. Strength, durability and design must also be checked in order to assure your baby’s safety and comfort. I would highly recommend that you get a new one rather than accepting an old one from a friend or relative because quality will still be an issue for your baby. Also make sure that the beddings you use are of good, hypo allergenic material to prevent irritation and rashes.


  1. Dressers

Dressers are important because your baby’s clothes need to be kept at clean places at all times. Like cribs, they must also be made of baby safe materials. Some dressers may contain chemicals in the paint that can attach themselves to your baby’s clothes and cause skin irritation or unwanted allergic reactions, that’s why choose the best and most baby proof dressers you can find.





  1. Strollers

You will be needing strollers in order to take your baby for a walk. You should consider strollers with multiple articulations, strong material and durable multi – terrain wheels for comfort, safety and stability. Again, do not accept second hand strollers as they might give out all of a sudden and will make cause you more money in the hospital or repairs.


  1. Car Seats

Lastly and most importantly, you should get car seats that are well designed and offers the most protection for your baby. Unexpected accidents might happen in the road, and that car seat will definitely save your baby’s life. I for one got my baby’s car seat from BEBELELO and it was a nice, secure and comfortable one.


A newborn’s life is the beginning of something beautiful. We can learn much from this experience and transform into greater beings. The only thing that we have to consider is that we should get the best for our children so that we won’t have any regrets and unwanted events happening in the future.

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